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Caring for Your Health and  Wellbeing

Accepted Insurances
SBH currently only accepts Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO insurances at this time, but all patients are welcome.  We have a cash pay rate for all services and are happy to help patients file for out-of-network reimbursement.  If you are under an accepted insurance plan, your clinical services will be billed through your insurance.  For those of you who are under separate plans for medical and mental/behavioral health, please check your MENTAL/BEHAVIORAL HEALTH plan to make sure it is one of the two above.  


Our Fees

For those patients under one of our accepted insurance panels, your fee will typically be your specialist co-pay.  Once again, please keep in mind that if you have not met your deductible, you will be responsible for the full cost of your visit upon arrival.  Fee schedules may be obtained by reaching out to our office at (832) 530-4352 or emailing us at info@serenitybh.com. 


Our Current Hours

Mondays               CLOSED (phone messages and email checked by end of business day)
Tuesdays               9AM to 5PM
Wednesdays          CLOSED (phone messages and email checked by end of business day)
Thursdays             9AM to 5PM
Fridays                 10 AM to 4PM

We are closed for lunch from 12PM-1PM.  


Our Philosophy
Here at Serenity Behavioral Health, we believe it is important to consider your whole body when treating mental illness.  Your mind and body are interconnected, and one cannot function without the other.  We offer a biological, psychological, and social approach in addressing patient concerns, and treatment will involve recommendations for all factors involved.  This includes consideration of family history, physical illnesses, diet, exercise, stress level, relationships with family and friends, and overall health.  Our goal is for you to understand all the aspects of what contributes to your mental health, and to assist you in reaching your goal of balance and success with all the tools available to us.

Our Treatment Methods
Although our primary focus is on medical treatment, including medications, many other treatment modalities are offered at SBH.  This includes the option to consider life coaching, stress management, work conflict resolution, individual therapy, and nutritional consultation and supplementation.  We strive for the most advanced and integrated methods for improving our patients' mental well-being, including laboratory screening and testing for factors that could interfere with successful treatment.