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Caring for Your Health and  Wellbeing

Initial Psychiatric Evaluations
60 min comprehensive psychiatric assessments for new patients, including history taking, review of medical and psychiatric history, cognitive examination, diagnosis, and initial treatment recommendations.

Medication Management 
30 min appointments for established patients in which monitoring of medication efficacy and tolerance, dosing or medication changes, and education are provided.  Severity of symptoms and complexity of illness may result in a longer visit, but if this is the case, our provider will address it with you. 

Urine Drug Screening
Our office does comply with all state and national controlled substance regulations with regards to initial prescriptions, refills, and monitoring of patients under our care.  In addition, we know that many substances can affect mental health and change the efficacy of treatment.  As such, the office does perform randomized urine drug screens for all patients, including those who may not be receiving a controlled substance prescription.  It is typically covered by insurance, and for those who are uninsured, the out of pocket cost will be $250.

Individual Psychotherapy
45-60 min appointments in which therapeutic interventions are used to address concerns such as stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship concerns.  Psychoanalytical, cognitive behavioral, exposure response prevention, psychodynamic, and supportive psychotherapy methods are all available as potential interventions.  Both Dr. Yen and Dr. Ledbetter are therapy providers and are available for new patients.

Life Coaching
For those individuals who are primarily dealing with stressful situations or conflicts and are not at a point where more intensive interventions are recommended, life coaching can be a great way to learn stress management skills and conflict resolution.  Both Dr. Yen and Dr. Ledbetter are available for new patients.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Testing and Diagnosis
Diagnosis of ADHD through computerized testing is available at the clinic.  After a psychiatric evaluation or interview, the clinician will determine if testing would be needed.  ADHD testing is often covered through insurance but will be billed at time of visit and paperwork provided for you to submit for reimbursement.

Laboratory Testing and Monitoring
Although the clinic does not have an on-site lab, lab work can be ordered through either Quest Diagnostics or Labquest based on insurance coverage and convenience.  All patients will have access to lab results and physician notes regarding results via a patient portal. 

Pharmacogenomic Testing
DNA pharmacogenomic testing may be recommended for patients after initial evaluation or established care by the clinician to help guide the treatment of the mental illness.  Not all insurances will cover this, but there are patient assistance programs that can be provided to help with the cost.